VirtueMart 2.0.14 is out

While we are developing the new version 2.1, we will continue to provide regular, frequent updates of actual branche 2.0.x. We wont do any changes on the layouts. If we have to change them, we do this for 2.1. This release should be an easy update from 2.0.12

Download link: version 2.0.14

Improvements and fixes

VirtueMart 2 seminar in Madrid from 21/11/2012 until 23/11/2012

VirtueMart 2 training in Madrid from 21/11/2012 until 23/11/2012 You want to master VirtueMart2 ? Join our seminar in Alcala de Henares (near Madrid) from Wednesday 21.11 until Friday 23.11 face-to-face with the VirtueMart core team. The training is highly practical and hands-on, and will answer to all those questions: how can I customize products, set up new prices, extend the functionalities, optimize it, secure it …. The graduates will be certificate to be trained by the VirtueMart team, and listed as a silver certificated partner of VirtueMart 2 on our pages.

Books about VirtueMart 2

Several books about virtueMart 2 are already available.

Das offizielle VirtueMart 2-Buch by Martin Blasczyk

VirtueMart 2 book by Martin BlasczykDas offizielle VirtueMart 2-Buch is written by Martin Blasczyk. Martin is specialist in e-commerce, and the author of the homonym guide about VirtueMart 1. The book is a guide and reference for your daily work with your shop. From planning on setting up and testing of your store, backup, update, and online marketing, it covers everything you need to know for successful application. It includes also a chapter written by Sabine Heukrodt-Bauer, lawyer specialized in IT law.

VirtueMart 2 - The Joomla shop! by Götz Nemeth

VirtueMart 2 - The Joomla shop! is another book written in german, by Götz Nemeth.
Götz Nemeth works as an IT manager and organizer of an online shop. He is also a freelance IT trainer, e-marketing developer and author. Store systems are his specialty.
His love of literature and his ability to explain complicated matters in a simple way, led to his decision to write it yourself.
Specialist in e-commerce specialist, Goetz Nemeth in this book shows how to set up your shop with VirtueMart, adjust products and related information, edit the data store to provide payment options and more.
He also demonstrates how you can combine the shop with the free enterprise resource planning solution JTL WaWi.

VirtueMart 2 User Manual by Kerry Watson

VirtueMart 2 by Kerry WatsonVirtueMart 2 User Manual is a book for non-technical, and non programming users. Kerry Watson is also a full-time writer on open source (OSC) ecommerce topics.

Improvements and Fixes for the version 2.0.14


  • Added caching in the router for better performance


  • Fix in the AIO installer, when several virtuemart tables with different prefix are used in the same database
  • Save order for manual product ordering in category did not work:
  • Fix in the router when the router when 'Translate Strings' and the Show checkout steps parameters are checked
  • Fix for trigger AddToCart: custom fields can prevent a product being added to the cart if it needs to
  • Anonymous user price not showing in front-end
  • Custom field "automatic child variant". If you activate the option "save customfields" for child products, the parent products are not shown on drop down list for child variants in FE.
  • TOS infos not displayed when multivendor is enabled
  • Preventing a message displayed, when a vendor is changing its ST address in FE
  • Install data sample fixed 
  • Fix for rounding prices: the basePriceWithTax is calculated the same way if it is a Tax or a VatTax calculation rule


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