VM 2.0.10 is released with Klarna Payment method

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The VirtueMart Project is pleased to announce the release of VirtueMart 2.0.10.
This release contains a new payment method: Klarna. Besides this new feature, it is mostly a bug fix release.

It is supposed to be the last version in our 2.0.x series (except possible bug fix releases), before we start our next big step with versions 2.2.

Sign up with Klarna

What is Klarna?

Klarna offers invoice based payment solutions in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Customer friendly checkouts, requiring only top-of-the-head information and letting customers pay only after receiving the goods, boost your sales, while Klarna guarantees you get paid - not matter what. Klarna takes care of invoicing and payment related customer care, increasing your sales at no risk and minimal administration. Interested?

Sign up now  and save 300€ start-up fee! 


  • Userfields plugin trigger and calculation plugin triggers enhanced
  • Better search for product Ids (up to 30 % faster)
  • Optimizing table using more varchars instead of text
  • Countries names are translatable.
  • Shipmentmethods are clonable
  • Better xhtml1.0 compliance
  • More valid search fields in BE for products
  • Logged person can overwrite the prefilled data in the contact page
  • Config setting for recommmend and ask a question are now also blocked in the controller to prevent misuse by spammers

Bug fixes

  • Userfield plugins fixed
  • Cloning of products fixed
  • Unit price
  • Fixed the link to remove the ST addresses (also in SEF mode)
  • Orderstatus used to send invoice is now a multiselect
  • Stockable variant plugin: Prevent stockable printing the options in the cart for every custom field. Do it for just itself instead!
  • Profit margin fixed
  • Fix for datepicker for chrome
  • Fix for manufacturer pagination
  • Customfield plugins are now orderable mixed with the normal ones
  • Changed customplugin textinput adding the price only when something is entered, regardless the choosen param custom_price_by_letter
  • Fixed shopperfields select list, and multibox, added description of the shopperfields as optional tooltip (translatable)
  • Added checkSafePath to shopfunctions.php
  • Fixed customfields problems in modules
  • Created an extra language file for the mediahandler, it is loaded always with one function, fixes also the display of mediahandler in the FE
  • Added $basepath when shop is offline
  • Added a missing vmhtml to media handler to prevent error, when vendor in FE is edited.
  • Changed getProductSingle removed unused parameter
  • Added missing langkey for error message,when media has a wrong URL
  • All paypal notifications are logged
  • Fix to prevent a notice in the cart

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Download VirtueMart 2.0.10

Download the ZIP version: be aware it may be too big for your server configuration to use it with the Joomla installer

Download TAR.GZ version: this is a smaller package and easier to upload, but some servers cannot handle tar.gz

The following languages are already included in the AIO: de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, pt-BR, th-TH

You can find all the other available languages in this package: com_virtuemart.2.0.10_languages_extract_first.zip



Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) integrated into VirtueMart 2.0.8E

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The VirtueMart team have again exceeded expectations by creating a smart and essential collection of free plugins using Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). The range of new free Skrill payment plugins will make managing your VM2 online shop even easier. Why is this smart and essential for your business? Skrill provide an incredibly versatile and flexible collection of online payment facilities and gateways, and now VM2 have several Skrill payment systems integrated within the newest VM2 download 2.0.8D, which you can use straight out of the box. Skrill’s integration within VirtueMart 2 will help many more businesses start selling online more easily with the new plugins that are now included in VM2.

skrill logo
Skrill and VM2 make setting up an online business easy and best of all, it's free to integrate.


Impressive level of fixes and tweaks:

On the 29th June 2012, just 2 weeks ago, the VM2 team released an article entitled "Good wine needs time to mature, and Virtuemart 2 is no exception" the latest release of VirtueMart VM2.0.8D has continued this mantra and seen an impressive level of fixes and tweaks, in such a short time.

Fixed Occasional, under certain conditions, the child product  values were accidentally overwritten, when the parent product  details were stored, this has been fixed.
Fixed: The ordering of the products are now preserved when editing a single product.
Fixed: Small annoying errors under certain conditions in the reviews, and ratings system have been addressed.
Fixed: The rating stars in the back end, now use the Front End images.
Fixed: The stockable plugin has been improved to work better with other custom fields.
Fixed: Various small router fixes
Fixed: Previously the admin account got vendor_id 1 when editing their own profile, even when they are not a shop owner, this has been addressed in 2.0.8E
Fixed: The vendor address no longer reveals the login name.
Fixed: A small PayPal bug when auto filling the BT (Bill To) details with the vendors data.
Fixed: Initial limit in the product browse is now correctly set
Fixed: The option in the back end for dynamic child variants "parent orderable"
Fixed: The dynamic child variant showed unpublished products
Fixed: The hard coded path to assets has been removed.

The fixes and tweaks in this version of VM2 are a combination of the core team of developers, and the numerous community members, who have supported and helped VM2 expand at such an amazing pace.

VM2 is used by small micro businesses, through to online shops holding thousands of products and it's free!

The Skrill plugins have been provided with no restrictions, the more people who use them will encourage us to develop and add more new plugins in the future.

Skrill free plugins: (now integrated in VM2 downloads)

*    Credit cards
*    Lastschrift
*    Ideal
*    Giropay
*    Sofortuberweisung
*    Online bank transfer
*    Skrill Digital Wallet
*    uvm

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Download zip version (be aware it may be too big for your server configuration to use it with the Joomla installer)

Download tar.gz version (this is a smaller package and easier to upload, but some servers cannot handle tar.gz)

The most important languages are already included in the AIO, but when you need a language not already included you may find it in this package:


VirtueMart 2.0.8 released, Good wine needs time to mature, Cheese too, and Virtuemart 2 is no exception

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Good news for the VirtueMart community.

VirtueMart 2.0 could be considers like a good cidre, excellent when produced, yet matures with age. You can say the same for VM2 whilst still young, the new release went very well, and has matured, like a good cidre or a first year wine, this can be demonstrated by the strong and active community of people who are helping the maturity process and this is just after only being released for 6 months.

The community has got used to the new methods, the forum is full of excellent tutorials, hints, tips, and tricks and there is a lot of communication in the forum between the team and the users, we have received a lot of input, good test reports, and fixes, so we would like to say a big thank you!

A free community shopping cart used the world over

There are many more new 3rd party developer extensions in the new extensions directory and templates available for VM2, if you have not had a look check it out (http://oldextensions.virtuemart.com, http://extensions.virtuemart.net,3rd Party Extensions Board).

Security: We added a new filter for security, to prevent XSS


  • We have added a new tax type "VAT tax", Taxes of this type use the final price to recalculate the result.
  • We also fine tuned the product edit view, which was often requested, which now calculates the cost price with given taxes, discounts and final price.
  • We also focused on the little inconsistencies that some beginners were stumbling over it.

We had to do some changes on the custom system:

We tried to keep backward compatibility where possible and tested it with various plugins, however we cannot guarantee for all 3rd party plugins, so when you use a 3rd party custom plugin (this is not the shipment, payment, ...) please test or ask the developer before you update.

The plan for the future:

  • we plan to add the multiple prices per shopper group
  • A new layout for a kind of vm1 product types (you can order a lot of different variants of one product in one view),
  • Editable orders
  • Multivendor
  • Bootstrap (for joomla 3.0)
  • Enhance the vm2 custom system
  • Combining the plugin stockable variant with dynamic child variant of the core.


Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage


Please remember most features are written by community members, so we cannot guarantee that all of this will be in the next version, but some.

New Features:

  • Send email to shoppers by orderstatus, and waiting list.
  • New type of calculation rule "VAT tax"
  • Price overwrites and calculation of the base price by given final price.
  • The rounding of the currencies can be enabled again, using the value -1 in the setting for the rounding of prices.
  • The settings for price rounding also affects now the prices in the cart
  • Invoices: you can select in the configuration the default order status to send an invoice.
  • Shopper will be able to be added to more than one shopper group.
  • Adding vendor Address to order emails
  • Dynamic child variants can now be configured, if displaying parent as option or not.
  • Some template enhancements, like "back to category button", added classes and similar
  • Added more valid_search_fields ='product_name','product_sku','product_s_desc','metadesc'
  • Added date picker and other stuff to the shopper fields
  • Added shopper field plugin types (for example for captchas)



  • Removed strict standard warnings
  • Areas of the code has been cleaned
  • Router (enhances also the checkout)
  • Storing and handling of shopper addresses (Bill-to and Ship-to)
  • Added checks to shopper groups, to facilitate the prevention of products being visible to users in a wrong shopper group.
  • Ordering, filters, and search in various views: orders, report, inventory view, media, ...
  • Problem when creating child products in multi language shops
  • Problem, with storing parent with child products being deleted or overwriting various values of the child product.
  • State/country check
  • Manufacturer categories, when using apply, these were not always redirecting to the correct category
  • Some fixes in migrator
  • Media synchroniser is now checking to ensure the media paths/urls are valid
  • It should be now possible to move the page to another server and the "file for sale" are still valid
  • When only one product image is available, it will not display the small little image any longer
  • Refactoring in custom fields,they is now more consistency and the handling parameters are easier, orders store now $product_attribute[$selected] = $productCustom->virtuemart_custom_id; and not $product_attribute[$selected] = $selected; anylonger
  • Enhanced a bit some error messages
  • FE category pagination fixes
  • Some fixes to the ask a question system
  • Added functions, vmJsApi::js,vmJsApi::css to prevent multiple loadings from same JS libraires
  • Small other js fixes (for example better compatibility with IE7)
  • Authorize.net: now also checking to make sure if curl_exec function exists
  • Plugin stockable variants
  • Added 3rd Info as common link to contact and manual for 3rd party developers
  • And various small, other fixes


When you use VirtueMart and you like it please vote for us http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/e-commerce/shopping-cart/129

Download zip version (be aware it may be too big for your server configuration to use it with the joomla installer)


Download tar.gz version (this is a smaller package and easier to upload, but some servers cannot handle tar.gz)



The most important languages are already included in the AIO, but when you need a language not already included you may find it in this package:


Virtuemart 2.0.6, bug fix release, new languages, more security

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This update contains almost no new features, but a lot small bug fixes for the 2.0.4 version. There are some changes in the layouts, but only the bugfixes. So we expect no big problems.  For more security, we added a js form validator. The bugboard of the forum was quite calm last days, so we expect that the update is working fine for everyone. This installer is of course cumulativ (you can also use it to update from 2.0.0). We advice everyone to update as soon as possible.

Download VirtueMart 2.0.6

There are now some shops already for some weeks online and we proudly notice that VirtueMart 2 has a very good SEO and the products get listed very fast on top positions. Our wiki has grown again and should help to jump over the little traps http://dev.virtuemart.net/projects/virtuemart/wiki.

We have also now a lot more languages. 18 of them are finished, or almost finished. The translators did an amazing job, thank you guys. Read here for more information https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/virtuemart/
Full VM2 translations:

Brazilian (pt-BR)
Chinese (zh-CN)
Czech (cs-CZ)
Dutch (nl-NL)
Estonian (et-EE) * except PayPal 93%
French (fr-FR) is at 96% for the two main files
German (de-DE)
Greek (el-GR)
Italian (it-IT)
Lithuanian (lt-LT)
Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO) * except PayPal 82%
Polish (pl-PL)
Portuguese (pt-PT)
Russian (ru-RU)
Slovak (sk-SK) * except PayPal 86%
Slovenian (sl-SI)
Spanish (es-ES)
Swedish (sv-SE)
Thai (th-TH)
Turkish (tr-TR)


Our future plans are:

  • finish the mail to every shopper who bought the product feature
  • editable orders
  • write administrated multivendor
  • enable the use of pricing table, for different prices per product


Download VirtueMart 2.0.6

Happy easter, new VirtueMart 2.0.4 released, security update SQLi

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The VirtueMart team wish happy eastern. Some days ago, a small security issue appeared. As far as we know no one got trouble due it, anyway we fixed it. The issues create possibilities for vandalism and data griefing, then actually hacking your store. Therefore we advice everyone to update to vm2.0.4 as soon as possible.
VirtueMart 2.0.4 has various fixes and small enhancements to improve the usability.

Download VirtueMart 2.0.4

I am sorry to say that we had to change a bit the layouts of the templates and that 1-2 functions have a slighty different parameters now. To help templaters and developers, we created a change log page . This page is now also displayed directly in the liveupdater. We will also going to add a rss feed in the backend.

The long time promised manuals are on the way, you can read some free english tutorials by Kerry Watson. She is a book author since a long time for internet software and in special ecommerce systems. Interesting is her opinion about virtuemart 2: "I am getting pretty comfortable with the VirtueMart. I realize the lack of documentation is one of the problems people are having with the program". The tutorials are nice written and with good illustrations: http://oscmanuals.com/virtuemart-fdm-26.html.
For the german speakers, there is already a manual written by DerHake http://www.easybay-web.de/de/joomla-handbuecher-a-software/244-shop-unter-joomla-25-und-virtuemart-20.html further more the famous book of Martin Blaszyk by the publisher addison wesley is on the way.

A lot new extensions and various templates appeared already for VirtueMart 2. Valérie and Patrick will be at the j and beyond 201 to present the VirtueMart framework, which extends the joomla framework for ecommerce purposes. Extending VirtueMart 2 becomes easier and easier.

New features, or fixed ones:
- Fixed security issue with uncasted virtuemart_userinfo_id, and two other
- Fixed security issue, it was possible to reveal address data of other shoppers

- Migrator enhanced to migrate bigger shops, code is more robust now, and faster.
- Migrator has now an option to migrate the old vm1 order_ids as vm2 order_numbers

- Advice for the safe path in the config

- Added plugin triggers for userfields (euvatid, captcha)

- Fix, enhancements for paginations, ordering

- Product edit allows to enter the final price and calculates the cost price for you
- Product edit displays all children, when it has a the customfield "dynamic child variant" attached

- Text input plugin and similar working again

- Cart is now also rounding prices
- Cart shows now values according to quantity
- Internal rounding decimals increased.
- Reduce of cart session data

- Custom orderstatus are now better useable without code hack
- Template override of plugins

- Some country, states fixes
- Some router fixes
- Js uses its own namespace now, added different fixes for better compatibility

- Waiting list by Seyi Awofadeju

- And many other small fixes, enhancements not written

Enjoy Download VirtueMart 2.0.4

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