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302twitter_logoVirtueMart has now its official twitter account, 

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Developer platform is moving ahead + new public chat opened

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The Redmine developer platform is working well now - thanks to Rochen Ltd. - and is being adapted by our developers. The process of "porting virtuemart to MVC" is in the last phase of development, the internal testing phase will start soon.

For handling all the different languages that may be used in VirtueMart we now have a Language Manager: Devendra Kumar Shukla. He is handling the files and can give some tips and tricks for translators.

We now have a new PR-manager and a kind of spokesperson: Gabriele Sabadini (k0nan). He will help us to be more transparent to the public.

The internal staff forum boards are now accessible for each Senior Member and higher.

For a long time we used a developers chat in Skype, but unfortunately Skype made larger group chats unmoderatable. Sometimes users came in and asked support questions, which was not intended. Therefore we see the need for an open a public channel for all users. We tried moving the developer chat to IRC to obtain better public chat controls than we have available in Skype, however, IRC was not well received. We now have set up our own jabber server on

The new jabber/XMPP adress for the common room is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can find more information on the Forum: here and there.

Progress Report: moving to Redmine developer platform, changes in team structure, joining the team

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To get the synergetic benefits of "model-view-controller" (MVC) it is necessary that we port the Frontend of VirtueMart as well as its Backend. The structure for the Frontend is now nearly done. We hope to get a release candidate at the end of this month.

Maybe some people are wondering what has happened recently, seeing no real changes in the trackers and not a lot posts.

We have actually been very busy lately. After a long fight with the CodeBeamer development platform, and almost every new developer fighting with this system, we decided to switch to Redmine. We have tested it thoroughly  in the last few weeks. Redmine works very well and we got used to it so quickly that we have only used the Redmine system for the last weeks.

With the switch to Redmine we needed to establish a new teamstructure. We recognize that we have a big pool of people, who want to support the project - but they often just joined the team and didn't actually have the time to work (but will do so later), some lost their available free time (new job) and some had an accident or big change in their life. All okay, and we hope that each team member who volunteered will provide active help later, when they are able. But it is hard for us to find the people in the first place. It is much easier to have a team in which everyone is actually participating. On the other hand, people need a way to communicate with the team and to see if they can actually participate.

The idea now is that we open the internal VirtueMart forums even more for experienced VM users and third party developers who request to join. The internal forums are not strictly team-internal anymore. They are meant as a communication platform of VirtueMart experts who want to exchange development ideas and discuss possibilities.

Redmine will be a VirtueMart developer only platform (of course with testers, writers and so on). We will choose the people for the team out of the forum. This makes joining and participating to the project a lot easier. The badge in the forum just indicates the abilities of a new member and we can see if someone fits to the team.

Everyone who wants to participate in the internal forums should register here, write a private message with your reasons to "Milbo" or "Jenkinhill" (forum nick names) to gain access to the internal forums.

New Team, new Direction, new Version, new Vision

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Greetings to everyone,

We know that it seems from outside that virtuemart didn't evolve much during the last months and that development slowed down. But we had a lot of changes in the virtuemart team in the last months. It is like the first generation relays virtuemart to the second.

The founder and former leader of virtuemart Sören is from now on administrating the sites and provides the platform we used to develop VirtueMart. Sören didn't have the time lately to steer the project. So we decided to take 3 leaders - one of them will be around almost everytime. The ship is now steered by Rick (bass_28), Max (milbo), and Roland (rolandd).

Rick Glunt is an IT Manager for a US manufacturing company. He also runs a small IT consulting business. He has been programming on various platforms and with various languages for about 25 years.

Max Milbers is an engineer for constructions and wrote java programs for the car industry. He did a study for the Fraunhofer institute to show the possibilites of GPGPU. He is programming in various languages since 5 years.

You should also know Roland from the early VirtueMart days: he is the mastermind of CSVImproved.

Get your copy of VirtueMart 1.1.4 now!

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cart.gifFinally VirtueMart 1.1.4 has been released - a recommended maintenance update, which provides numerous bug fixes for problems discussed in the forum and on our bug tracker (see the changelog for full details).

Full installation packages and patch packages are available on the download page.

To update to version 1.1.4, login to your VirtueMart administration area and choose "Check for Updates" from the "Admin" menu, then click the "Check now!" button and follow the instructions there. (Or, you can download the 1.1.4 patch package directly , save it to your local hard drive, and choose to "Upload a Patch Package" from the "Upload a Patch" tab.)

If you are using VirtueMart 1.1.0, you must first update to VirtueMart 1.1.1 before being able to use the auto-update to VirtueMart 1.1.4.


Together with the new VirtueMart version we have also updated the "VirtueMart eCommerce Bundle" - a comfortable way to install Joomla! and VirtueMart at the same time - for all those who want to set up a completely new site (or when migrating).

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